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Explainer Video Company provides affordable animated video ads for your products and services. Harness the power of video marketing to increse customer engagement and higher ROI.

Why Animated Explainer Videos

Grabs Attention

Explainer animation is more captivating than traditional video. With its characters and motion graphics you can grab the viewer’s attention.

Simplify Complexity

Videos have power to simplify complex procedures as we understand visuals more than text and also gets retained easily.

Emotional Reach

Videos can show relativity to your problem and also ignite emotions thus help in great way to make an emotional impact.

Our Work

2D Animated Explainer Video

3D Animated Explainer Video

Our Process



Provide a script or we will craft one for you.


Mapping the script with a creative storyboard.



Our team of talented animators get to work!

pre check


Customer checks the video before it is made final.

Explainer Video Production FAQs

Since 2021 we’ve created more than 100s of explainer videos. From explaining complex medical equipment, helping  startups, and creating advertising videos. We’re ready to take on any kind of project and help you create stunning video content that helps you reach your goals.

We’ll take you through every stage of the process to craft videos that will produce the results you desire. From discovery to the concept, developing the visuals, and launching your video.

A 30-second video takes 2-3 days to produce.  Our 60 to 90 sec video takes 4 days at max. 

Our video production process starts off with a online meeting to gather more information about your business, goals, and target audience. We then craft a script, then storyboards, design the visuals, and produce the final animation after providing a demo and getting feedback from the client. For more see our process page.

Normally 30 seconds to 90 seconds is most popular.

We believe in the total satisfaction of our clients. So we provide unlimited revisions till the final product is delivered.

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